Don’t Trust Any Human Being – Elder Mireku reveals

Elder Mireku



Veteran Gospel musician, Elder Kwasi Mireku says he’s learnt through bitter experience not to trust any human being, not even his wife of several decades.


The legendary musician with over 40 years experience made the statement while confirming an attempt on his life by someone said to be his friend of many years and a gospel industry player.

Elder Mireku in an interview on Ejura based Radio station Naagyei FM advised the public not to put their trust in people as the one perceived to be your friend could cause your downfall.

“We’re in the end time and the devil is at work, if you are not careful someone can kill you, you may see the person as a Christian brother or sister but that person could be your worst enemy. As I speak to you, what I want to say is that don’t ever trust a human being no matter how close that person is to you. Even my wife with whom I sleep on the same bed with every day, I don’t trust her because human beings can be very wicked.

“The music industry has become a struggle, several musicians have consulted other gods just to make them popular and have money in this fleeting world. If you joke someone will just kill or destroy you just to disgrace you. In our modern world, a Christian can be so wicked to his fellow Christian, not even worldly people will be that wicked. I’ve gone through a lot, the one who wanted me dead is not a worldly person, does not worship idols, he is someone who’s thought to be a good Christian and was very close to me who I shared my issues with yet he plotted to kill me,” Elder Mireku added.

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