“HE PAID OUR DEBT” – Hon. Nana Yaw Wiredu

The Shepherd humbly paid the price for no offence but for the sake of mankind and for our salvation at last.

Jesus Christ the shepherd sacrificed to save the world and as we remember Him today and the sacrifices He made, we must all make sacrifices in our own way to save our country.

Let us gladly say Yes!!! It is finish, the price is paid as He said on the cross.

It is finish was the last words of Jesus Christ before his shameful and painful death on the cross of Calvary. Though said out of a bizarre circumstances, the world remembers this sacrifice even after 2000 years.

As we remember Him on this Good Friday which obviously was His darkest moment throughout His journey on earth, let us remember that a little price made out of pain towards saving a soul and a nation is worthy.

May His crucifixion and resurrection redeem us from the bondage of sin, financial bondage, sickness, sorrows, pain, ect and restore unto us the joy of salvation. Amen.

Hon. Nana Yaw Wiredu
(Ahinsan Estate Electoral Area)

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