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Dome Kwabenya NDC Chairman lacks Emotional intelligence



The chairman of the NDC for Dome kwabenya is a confused man and too Authoritative. But hitherto, this is my advice to him .
Leadership is about influence and how to win people to your side and with the NDC as an organisation is not only our members that deserved to be appeased, but also the floating voters as well as the members from the other minor parties on – board our victory train .

Here is a little bit of leadership traits and tits bits for your perusal ;

(1) integrity ( doing what is right no matter the forces against you also walking the talk.

(2) Neutralised all factions within your hold and empower them.

(3) Have Faith in your party followers that they do they best

(4)listening ears for every body

(5) Adopt and understand not only your people even strangers because this is a game of numbers

(6)Develop Emotionally intelligent

(7) learn from the people you serve; leadership is servitude.

(8)Develop a good communication skills

(9)Exemplary leadership, is key and watchful.

All that the chairman knows is undue INFLUENCE, and divide and rule tactics.
Dome kwabenya has contracted a flu – type of leadership (catarrh)
CATARRH type of leadership can disengage the entire constituency and leaved as in a mess just because the leader, and chief commander, in the constituency doesn’t listen to any body, and not even his subordinates.

He has heart of a stone, and
this can affect our chances for 2020, in fact it doesn’t matter how organised and prepared we are in Dome kwabenya , don’t forget we went into opposition because of apathy and it’s still exist in Dome kwabenya NDC, as we speak, and barely one year into a crucial election.

If the “kun fu chairman” is not called to order
Some of us will advised ourselves because Dome Kwabenya is on retardation.

Still the watch man
Hadji Mustaphar


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