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Asante Akyem North: Andy Appiah-Kubi is corrupt – Assembly Members

Some Assembly Members of Asante Akyem North District have called the bluff of the Member of Parliament of the area, Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi labelling him as corrupt and a braggadocio who is only interested in enriching himself and his family at the expense of his constituents.

Speaking on Fire FM, the assembly members for Ananekrom and Apentennyinase Electoral Areas, Hon. Peter Abaje and Hon. Kwabena Osei reacted to some allegations the MP made against them on the nomadic Fulani herdsmen.

According to the assembly members, the MP has been championing the ranching system since he started his campaign for MP in 2016 but now want to incite their electorates against them because they requested the MP to account for the common Fund he has taken so far from the assembly as MP for the past two years since a single project cannot be pointed to his credit.

“It’s never true that I, Kwabena Osei wants the Fulani herdsmen to be ranched here.

He (the MP) rather said that on Oman FM and I challenge the MP to come out and deny this.

If you permit me I will give you the audio of that interview to be played here. I have never supported any ranching system here”…Hon. Kwabena Osei

Hon. Osei continued by saying “our only crime for this hate from the MP is asking him to tell the District Assembly what project he has used his common fund for since his assumption as the Member of Parliament”.

“There are a whole lot of corrupt and dubious practices by the MP at the Assembly and since almost all the other assembly members can’t query him and we are the bold ones to stand against his oppression, he has decided to incite our electorates against us. Just recently, the MP, his Personal Assistant and his driver spent GHC45000 meant for a CHPS compound at Wioso and because we were vocal in bringing this issue up to be investigated, he has decided to go all length to tag us.”

Hon. Peter Abaje stated “the MP met the nomadic Fulani herdmen at Telecenter Hotel at Patriensa to take monies from them to help them get their cattle ranched and yet he couldn’t account for the monies he took from them to the Assembly. This is an established fact and there are evidence to support it. He cannot deny this.”

“Just recently there was a sad incident at the District Education Office but for the benevolence of some philanthropists like Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyemang and Dr. Edward Asadu, the Education Office would have be unable to organize the yearly District Mock Exams for the JHS candidates meanwhile, the MP has taken GHC50000 from the GetFund account but couldn’t support this mock exams which costed only GHC6000″…Hon. Peter Abaje

The Assembly Members concluded by saying the Member of Parliament, Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi is only interested in enriching himself with the District Assembly Common Fund, GetFund and SIF and they dare him to come out and point to a single project from any of these funds he has taken.

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