Adage has stated that experience is the best teacher, and he who has done it before, knows best how it is done !!!

Justice Appiah Antwi, a former NPP UK youth organizer played very vital role gearing towards election 2012 and 2016.

I got to know Justice Appiah through another astute radio disk jockey icon and political commentator in London UK, DJ Sources, CEO and MD of Sources multimedia.

We did different types of political manoeuvring, and masterminded lots of action all for the sake of winning the political airwaves. I used to call him the political macho because of his seriousness and action-oriented plans.

Justice Appiah-Antwi, even though whiles in the UK worked closely with the V16 operations team in areas such as Get back to your root, a campaign strategy designed and facilitated by one of his political god-fathers, Dr.Kwame Amoako Tuffuor, they went to the hinterlands to campaign.

Again, Justice Appiah- Antwi joined other groups such as the Coalition to Elect Nana Addo and Bawumia(CENAB) to gather and distribute items such as used and unused clothes, footwear, farm tools and many other items to the remotes settlers.
Justice Appiah- Antwi was also among the brains behind operation adopt a polling station which saw most of the diaspora coming down to sponsor various different polling stations, most especially in orphan constituencies. No one can write the history of NPP’s success in 2016 without mentioning how this operation really helped and worked, demanding that credit must be given to those who brought event successes to light.

Justice Appiah is a political strategist, a planner, a political scientists and a political-entrepreneur. He has proved himself meritorious in many ways and on many occasions why he is the best bet for the Ahafo 1st Vice Chairman position.

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