Twi pop rapper, Doctor crime has asserted that most artists in the music industry are not making money despite the kind of investment they make for marketing their songs .

speaking in an exclusive interview with Andy Dosty on his regular morning entertainment show on hitz fm ,The artists disclosed that for him even he as acrused money he is still in search of money for a greater living .

Doctor Crime ,In his words made it clear that it would be much appreciated when artistes are paid royalties when ever their songs are being played on air .

“it is good that we have have other copy right institutions that are ready to speak on behalf of great talents that we have in our country ,All in the name of protecting musicians on what is being created by them ,he stressed on.

Musicians always try their greatest best just to come out with good video but at the end of it all there is profit down weighed which is bad,He added .

story by Richmond ofosu


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