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JB Danquah-Adu murder: Family wants Akufo-Addo’s interest

The late MP’s siblings, family and well-wishers were present.

They lit up candles and laid wreaths in remembrance of their deceased relative.

The Spokesperson, George Amoah, invoked God to deal with perpetrators of the alleged murder of their beloved son.

“Today is three years someone took his life. Till today, the culprit and those who connived in the act, we haven’t seen them. But JB, have comfort, because if you are in God, you are the winner. Whoever did that, it shall be made open for all to



He became very emotional at this point “sin cannot cloud the light, darkness cannot shine when there is light. Wherever you are, sleep well. As the good book said, it is appointed unto man to die and after that there would be judgement.”

“We are waiting for judgement day, and all those who connived to take your life will be found and God will deal with them.”

Mr Amoah wants the President, Nana Akufo-Addo to help speed up processes of the case and unravel the truth surrounding the death of their son.

“Today should have been a day that, though we are mourning, we should be mourning peacefully. But that is not to be, till today we are still digging out to find who killed JB. It is worrying. I am pleading with government to help us unravel the mystery surrounding JB’s death.”

He added: “We can never understand ourselves as a family that a personality like JB should die such a death and then three years going, nothing has been done about it.”

He was emphatic failure to find justice and the truth surrounding the alleged murder would set a precedent that people are killed and their assailant left free.

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“We are calling on President because of his family ties, otherwise it will serve as a bad precedent in this country, that people die and the killers are free to walk about. It doesn’t augur well for the country.”

The family spokesperson was also worried about the political twist on the case and wondered what has been made of initial names and evidences.

“In the initial stages when he died so many evidence unfolded for the police. Names were mentioned, but we don’t hear of them anymore and the case progressed.

“If the NDC is accusing NPP and NPP is accusing NDC and the truth is not coming out, who should we blame. Where should we put the blame?”

On the plea by the key suspect, Daniel Asiedu, seeking forgiveness from the family, George Amoah said he must open up and speak the truth that only God forgives entirely.

“Hear the guy said we should forgive, we are not God. He must speak the truth nothing but the truth to the judges, so that this mystery would be unravelled and then we know the true killers of JB.”

The late JB Danquah was murdered in his home February 9, 2016.



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