Angry Sista Afia Promises To Beat Efia Odo Hands Down For Calling Her A Hippopotamus Again

A few months ago, Sista Afia and Fella Makafui got into some kind of ’fight’ with radio and TV host Efia Odo which led to all parties revealing some dirty secrets about each other.

This time, it’s just between Efia Odo and Sista Afia and we think things will get messy if care is not taken.

We don’t really know what actually started this feud again since Efia Odo deleted the tweets that sparked all these but we managed to get a screenshot of the most obvious one.

Reading meaning into Sista Afia’s tweets, Efia Odo might had spotted a post from the former and then concluded wrongly that it was her being referred to. So she also took to her timeline to tweet that the ’Hippo is angry again oo’. We all know that from their first fight, Efia Odo always referred to Sista Afia as a Hippopotamus so this recent post was directed to her.


Sista Afia upon seeing that post got angry and replied that she will beat her anytime she sets eyes on her and that she’s not someone to be messed up with. She then gave Efia Odo some real warning.




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