Platinum Wishes for you in 2019


✅I wish you to discover your passion –
Because is only when you are able to unearth the doors of your passion before you can achieve the full potential in whatever you do, and by so doing you will become unstoppable in grace and favor to subdue the season.

✅Procrastination – It is the thief of time ; never allow room for it to operate as you step into 2019 in boldness, and grand style.

✅I wish you to discover your new year resolutions and do everything within your power to fight for it.

✅Is my wish, you understand that nothing great in life comes easy – hence
Implying that you create your own greatness in life .

✅However reaching your greatest potential will require diligence and hard work plus tireless efforts to earn it.

✅I wish you ; rich in spirit , rich in joy , rich in heavenly life fulfilment and rich in love – Is a dream and revelation and may Allah grant us wisdom to attain it.

✅I wish you to become a shining example of what great life really looks like, and also be a blessing to others, as you begin 2019 marathon in good health.

✅I wish you all the best in 2019 and beyond , and may you live long to testify the awesomeness and mightiness of God.

Shalom !🔥


Hadji Mustaphar

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