Video: Sakawa boy goes mad at his father’s funeral

A young man believed to be an internet fraudster, popularly known in Ghana as ‘sakawa‘ or ‘yahoo’ in Nigeria, has reportedly gone mad during his late father’s funeral.

The young man, reports suggest, ran mad at his own father’s funeral. The father had died just two weeks after the sakawa boy reportedly bought a Lexus jeep for him.

According to one Facebook user, Okan Godswill, who shared a video of the young man’s mad episode, the incident happened at Agbior Park Ohovbe Junction in Benin City, the capital of Nigeria’s Edo State.

The new madman in town is said to have confessed to killing many people for his ritual sacrifices.

“Happening now live at Agbior Park Ohovbe Junction Benin city…yahoo boy bought [a] car for his father after two weeks his father running mad and confessing [over] people he has killed..please ladies be careful…,” Godswill’s captioned his video.

In the video, the young man could be seen in his boxers as he sat on the ground in public while purportedly making some confessions.

He could be heard shouting ‘Daddy’, ‘Daddy’ as he made his confessions and many of the people who believed he had used his father for rituals mocked and told him to face the consequence of his actions.

Watch video below:

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