Am very sad as I observed this very worrying and sleepless issues, raging over Ghana China international cooperation and bilateral relations between this two countries.
All I know is working in another country, one needs a working permit, as well as legitimate documentation, and it must be issued to non citizens to work, which the citizens there are not able to undertake mainly due to obvious reasons.

However, the Chinese citizens in Ghana sell at mokola and our various markets competing with Ghanaians and our indigenous goods, and have also taken over the mining sector which previously was reserved purposely for the local inhabitants and Ghanaians at large.

Moreover, the Chinese have virtually become Ghanaians by default, and Ghanaians becoming foreigners in exchange at their own back yard, whiles our leaders sit and watch our birthright and sovereignty being sold to China. To say the least, they are mortgaging us and our generations yet unborn by a proxy Modern day slavery for their greed and parochial interests.

It is saddened that our leaders does not consider our daily bread and deprivations in any decisions they take or vet in accordance with our sovereign power, as a republic state respectively.
The Chinese are leaving here in Ghana with the laws of China and it appears nobody want to streamlined their operations and movements with the rules of engagements of the land.
I humbly opined that, Ghana really needs to reform its immigration laws and Policies to suit and check the current border and entry menaces and bottlenecks to a rather a hard and fast one. I there say that our entry points are too porous!

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Some of these recalcitrant Foreigners engage in illegal commercial social vices such as ; sex trade , illegal mining, and also contributing to the fall of our local market, which adversely affects the overall Gross Domestic Products ( GDP) of the nation, as well as our revenue generating policy directions, which seldom lay negative repercussions on our foreign reserves.

Arguably it seems Our leaders are afraid to act simply because they are always in China begging for money and other scanty goodies, under a very suspect and questionable manner.
My only question here is ; where did we go wrong President, Williams Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo?
The earlier we think the better, for the sake of Posterity and Kama. God bless Us all!

I still remained a spectator with a wooden spectacles watching from afar.



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