Kundali Bhagya Episode 156 Update on Friday 14th September 2018

While getting ready Preeta thinks about Karan and thinks their closeness might create misunderstandings between them.
There, Karan decides not to look at Preeta the way he does, anymore

Preeta also forbids herself look at Karan, otherwise everyone will misunderstand and he doesn’t want to lose a good friend. She says Karan is a nice and innocent person who is good at heart. She is lucky to have a friend like him. She decides to clarify everything tonight, so that there is no confusion between their friendships.
Karan decides not to confess to her that she is the best, because either she will show him attitude or be annoyed. What’s true is that none is better than her.
Shrishti comes home. Preeta tries to speak to her but Shrishti was already stressed. She apologizes

for scolding her there at Luthra’s house. She says she was furious over Karan and poured the frustration over her. Shrishti tells her to forget about it, Preeta has a right to scold her. Preeta agrees that even youngers have a value. Shrishti says Preeta always scolds Karan and this isn’t done, as Karan is the best. Preeta denies doing this. Both laugh. They hug each other, then find Sarla crying at a corner. Shrishti teases Sarla who was emotional at the love between her daughters.

Rishab comes to the hall waiting for Preeta. Kratika comes behind and asks who he was looking for. Rishab says Preeta… then stops himself for saying any further. He says he was only complementing the decorations. Rishab asks Kratika about Akshay, Kratika says he is in Dubai for two months. Rishab says they must appreciate Shrishti’s efforts for the decorations and walks away from Kratika.

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On a side Rishab says his siblings seem to be his spies. As Karan comes towards him Rishab begins to explain him pointlessly that he didn’t say anything. Karan calms him down. Sameer comes to tell them that Preeta and family are coming with Prithvi. Karan and Rishab begin inquiring why he had called Preeta. Sameer finally says he called Shrishti. Kratika joins in to tease Sameer for Shrishti.
Mahesh also joins the group. Sameer tells him they were discussing that Preeta’s family got late. Mahesh says women take a lot of time to get ready. Rakhi comes hearing this but Mahesh and everyone denieshaving said a word against women, Karan grabs Kratika’s neck from behind to stay on their side. The family share some good chit chat. Later, Kratika takes Dadi’s permission to get henna applied on her hands. Rakhi takes her aside to inquire about what men were talking. Karan comes to speak to Kratika and brings her keys for Rishab’s car. Kratika was excited and asks how he did this. Karan boasts about being The Karan Luthra.

Karan notices Kratika’s expressions and asks if she told Rakhi? Kratika says yes she did and apologizes. Karan let go of it, as the time has gone now. Rishab joins the conversation and hear Karan tell Kratika that one has to wait for the perfect moment to do everything. Rishab agrees to Karan as well. Karan says there is always perfect time for everything, even proposing the girl. Rishab listens to him for a while, then asks even if the girl is engaged? Karan says only a person must have guts.

PRECAP: Prithvi hires some goons to loot on jewelry of ladies in the mehndi function. Shrishti comes to complement Sherlin’s henna and notices that R had been turned to p.

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