BREAKING: Britain struck by two EARTHQUAKES near Gatwick Airport that ‘shook houses’

In a report about the earthquake, BGS said: “This is very preliminary but the two new stations (and the surrounding ones) have detected another event in the area at around 13.33. Magnitude of 2-3 is suggested, but we’ll firm that out as we get more data. Attached image shows frequency content of event at RUSH and HORS.”

Fracking has previously been blamed for the number of earthquakes recorded across the UK.

Experts have said that by extracting gas from former coal mining areas “dramatically enhances” the risk of seismic activity.

Professor Peter Styles told the Independent: “It would be prudent of the government to reduce the estimates of exploitable onshore frackable gas by half.”

It comes as fears a London earthquake could hit after scientists discovered two fault lines running under the capital.

Earthquakes in the UK mostly go unnoticed, however, between 200 and 300 earthquakes are recorded by the British Geological Survey in the UK every year.

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