Occultism, Freemasonry, Illuminati is not an evil practice-Rev. Opoku

Founder and General Overseer of In Him Is Life Church, Reverend Isaac Opoku popularly known as Obotour has said the decision to practice occultism, freemasonry and the illuminati is not an evil practice. He told Rainbow Radio’s Danny Fii Abrantie on the Away Bus show that, occultism does not mean an evil act rather it explains hidden wisdom or knowledge and the study of the truth. Occultism he said is a deeper truth that exists beneath the surface. It can involve such subjects as magic, astrology, spiritualism, extra-sensory perception and numerology. According to the man of God, before we criticize occultism as an evil practice, we have to decode the meaning of the word. He claims that the innovation including travelling to space, manufacturing of mobile devices and other technological devices are done by people who have searched and been exposed to the hidden knowledge which is occultism. He was however quick to add that, there is the practice of occultism which involves blood sacrifices and human killings to make money for those involved in such practices. ‘’In this world, we have good and evil. We have genuine men of God and those using black magic to deceive people. There are traditional priests who are good and those who are evil. And so, you have to understand that, in everything, there is good and evil.’’ ‘’Africans are unable to develop machines for x-ray, we are unable to develop gadgets like mobile phones and those who are able to do that are occults. Numerologists, astrologists are all occults,’’ he explained further. He added, anything that talks about wisdom, knowledge is illuminati and anyone who have such traits are all enlightened and usually referred to as alumni or alumnus. ‘’We have something we refer to as alumni (former students of a tertiary institution) and that is illuminati. The word alumni come from the word illuminati meaning light. People who are illuminati are wise people and have studied something. Referring to Ephesians 1:18 to buttress his argument he said, the quotation which reads: ‘’ I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people.’’ The man of God went on to state that, ‘’an illuminati is someone who uses the wisdom of this earth to speak to people and get them to understand something. But we have the negative aspect. And so what I said was that, we need to understand there is a positive aspect of the illuminati. Freemasonry he concluded is a good practice but they are others who are applying rituals which make it evil but it is the study of hidden knowledge, he emphasized.

Source: rainbow online.com

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