Kuch Rang Episode 55–56 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018 – Dev calls Sona at night and says he is confused to take a decision.

Sona tells Elena that when she is trying to avoid Dev, he is coming behind him, how to avoid him. Elena says she cannot avoid him as she works for him and that too at his house. Sona asks what should she do now. Elena says she should express her feeling. Sona says their chemistry will never happen, she doe snot want to love him.
Dev is busy chatting with Gujral and Natasha Gujral (NG). Nikki shows joystick to Dev. NG asks if they also play game. Nikki says Dev and she play only car racing and Dev wins always. NG says nobody can defeat her and challenges. Nikki forces Dev to accept challenge and they both walk out to play game.
Sona tells about Dev and Gujral’s business deal and hopes Dev wins deal. Elena asks why is she caring so much, what she needs. Sona says Dev.. Elena tickles her ribs.
Gujral tells Ishwari that Natasha is his lonely daughter and he is worried about her future. Ishwari says every parent is worried about child’s future. Gujral says he wants Dev to marry Natasha. He says NG likes Dev a lot and Dev is a smart businessman and above all a nice human being, he says he will convince NG and she should convince Dev, if this deal happens, Dev’s life will change. Ishwari says even she has 3 daughters and knows his state of mind, she will discuss with family and inform him. Radha hears their conversation and says NG is very good girl and she was thinking same. Ishwari says she was telling she will discuss with family and inform Gujral. Gujral says sure, take your own time and leaves with NG.
Radha asks Dev where was he stuck. He says he went to meet Sona and got stuck in her house, someone locked door from outside. Radha yells why did he go there and tells Gujral discussed about NG and his alliance. He is surprised and asks why did not they hint him. Radha says they are khandani people and would be very conservative. Ishwari says he was talking abou deal. Radha says if this alliance happens, she will take diamond necklace as shagun from Gujral.
Dev is still confused. Nikki hugs him and she heard Gujral’s discussion and says she will call Natasha as Batasha. Dev calls Tina and asks if marriage happens with business merger. She asks he means. He says he questioned her and disconnects call. Nikki informs Ria and Neha about Gujral’s proposal and asks Neha if she will also marry. Neha argues.
Sona imagines Dev sitting near her bed smiling. She gets up and thinks he has come for real. Dev extends his hand and takes her to garden. They both look into each other’s eyes romantically. He holds her hand near his heart and asks if she heart something.

She just looks at his face. he drags her near him. She shyingly hugs him and continues looking at his face. He says he used to think why he fights with her whenever he meets her, why he cares about her, why she cares about him, this is not just care, there is something to it, she wanted a love story, he is her love story. He murmurs in her ears “I love you Sonakshi, I realy do love you.”
She goes back a bit, says I love you too Mr. Obodro, she means Dev, runs and jumps into his arms. Kuch rang pyar ke….song..plays in the background. He takes her under flower tree and showers flowers on her. They both hug each other again. She then realizes it was just her imagination and she is still on bed. She thinks he may become her dream forever.
Ishwari reminisces Gujral proposal of Dev and Natasha’s marriage. Radha enters her room and says she should accept this proposal as Dev’s career will boom after company merger.
In the morning, Dev wakes up late and scolds Kichu for not waking him up on time. He sips tea. Sona comes and says she wants to show Ishwari’s report. He asks anything serious. She says report is good and she does not want his sandwitch as reward. He smiles. Nikki running behind Ria pushes Sona by mistake and she falls on Dev. Dev scolds Nikki. Radha passes by and panics seeing lipstick mark on Dev’s shirt, asks who kissed him. He says it is Sona’s lipstick. Radha starts yelling at Sona. Dev says Nikki fell on her and she fell on him, it is not her mistake. Radha leaves.
At Sona’s home, Saurabh sees Elena online dating someone and says this is not safe in this city. She says it is okay. Bejoy borrows her phone and a man calls and asks Elena when they are meeting. Bejoy starts shouting and scolding him. Saurabh laughs at Elena.
Ranbeer comes to Neha’s house to pick her up for class. Ishwari speaks to him and likes his nature. Neha comes and they both leave. Radha sees them going and asks what was Neha’s teacher doing here. Ishwari says he is taking her to class and sometimes takes class in mall, market, etc. Radha says she thought teaching is always done in school. Ishwari says life is a big school.
Dev and Natasha discuss business terms in Dev’s office. Dev explains everything before she asks. She says he is working on everything. He says it is okay and asks what she would like to have. He calls Tina and asks to bring..she says black coffee. He orders 2 black coffee. Natasha says their hobbies and nature match.
Neha comes back home after class. Ishwari says Ranbeer is a good boy and reminds her of Dev. Neha says he is bright, but without any ambition, lives in a 2 bedroom house with 2 brothers and their wives and chiildren, she was suffocating there, says if she wants her to marry, then she will not. She knows she is burden on her and wants to get rid of her to get Dev married, but she will not sacrifice her life. Ishwari stands in a shock.
Sona speaks to Elena over phone and says she will not come for shopping. She then reminsices Dev and smiles. Radha passes by and informs her that billionaire Gujral asked Dev’s hand for his daughter. Sona stands in a shock. Once Radha leaves, Sona cries and her tears drop on table.
Dev comes home with Natasha. Sona passes by without talking to them. Dev asks if she is in a hurry. Sona nods yes…Natasha speaks to her and says Dev told aunty’s health improved after she became her nutritionist and asks to give her some tips. Sona says some other day as she is having doc’s appointment. Dev asks if she is fine. Sona says usual followup. Natasha says her earrings are beautiful, if she can take her for shopping. Sona says these are commong ear rings and even Ria or Nikki can take her for shopping. Radha hears their conversation and says Sona is right, these are common earrings and don’t suit Natasha.
Precap: Dev calls Sona at night and says he is confused to take a decision.

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