VIDEO: Kwaku Manu arrested over scuffle with police

Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu has been arrested by the Police in Ejisu in the Ashanti Region.

Kwaku Manu was reported to have sustained injuries on his face as a result of the scuffle and brutalities by about ten police officers from the Ejisu Police Command.

Narrating the incident to Prime News Ghana in an interview, a local journalist, Okogyeabour explained that,Kwaku Manu sells a fruit juice called ‘Drop’ so on Thursday; he went to the Ejisu Market to sell the drink.

He said Kwaku Manu went with two of his colleagues in the movie industry, ‘Rasta and Shifu’ and while selling in the market, about ten armed police officers from the Ejisu Police Command rushed to scene where they were selling the drink in the market with AK-47 gun raffles and ordered him to stop selling the drinks because the police claim he had no permit to sell those drinks.

Okogyeabour added that Kwaku Manu and his colleagues insisted on having permit but the police bounded them and took them to the police station which is few meters away from the market.


In the cause of the struggle, misunderstanding ensued between the police and Kwaku Manu because they claim he [Kwaku Manu] insulted them and asked them in local dialect [Twi] “you are asking me to stop selling, should I go and steal before I eat in this country?”.

This question, according to the reporter, generated the heat and the police had no option than to use force to take them to the police station.

Report says, the police allegedly brutalizing Kwaku Manu and blood started oozing from the face.

He reported that they were taken to the police station for verification of their permit and after the verification, the Ejisu Divisional Police Commander, ACP Baman Laar, confirmed the permit was authentic and so he [Police Commander] asked them to go back and sell their fruit juice.

At the time of filing this report, Kwaku Manu and his accomplice were still in Police custody because of the scuffle between them and the police.


Actor Akrobeto, Miracle Films-CEO, Jones Agyemang and other movie actors were at Ejisu Police Station.

Listen audio below.


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