Kundali Bhagya Episode 94 Update on Saturday 21st April 2018

Shrishti tells Rishab and Karan about the way towards kitchen. Rishab and Karan attempt to get into the kitchen from two different ways.

Kareena tells Sherlin she hates Preeta dying out of burning. Sherlin thinks she will get a heart fail if she someday knows she was behind this fire. There, Prithvi decides to give his best life performance. He comes to console Sarla and asks her to trust him. Sarla requests him to go inside and bring her daughter. She watches Prithvi back up.

Karan enters the hall, shouting Preeta’s name. He comes to the door to save Preeta and opens it with his boot. He boasts he is here to save Preeta, but Preeta watches his shawl get a fire. She comes to get the shawl off him and throw it away. They argue for a while, Preeta shouts at Karan why he came to save

her. Does he realize he will also have to burn with her, as the shawl has also burnt? Karan says he came here to save Preeta. Preeta stares at Karan for a while, then considers him a really nice 

Sherlin convinces Kareena to leave this place, it’s not safe for them all to stay here and safety is better in each case. Kareena was curt over her family’s sympathies for Sarla and her family. She goes to Dadi with some idea. Sherlin thinks if Kareena’s trick doesn’t work, she will have to create another drama.

Preeta and Karan were still in the kitchen. Preeta says she believes Rishab is a very nice man, but Karan also has a little of that factor in them. She accepts that it is possible she provokes Karan to be rude to her sometime. Karan was happy about her confessions. Preeta was irritated and says whenever she begins to consider herself wrong, Karan proves her wrong. She recalls exactly what she said, he is obviously a bad boy. Only sometimes he get nicer, and as soon as she thinks he is nice he ruins that reputation of him. Karan smirks that now Preeta has proven she is the bad girl here. Preeta shouts that she will now get dizzy of his talk.

Kareena comes to ask Dadi if she wants them all to be hurt. Dadi says she wants them all to stay safe and leave. Dadi asks her to call everyone, she will request them all to leave. As she gathers everyone Rishab and Karan weren’t there. Shrishti says they have gone to save Preeta. Kareena shouts at Sarla for being selfish, but her mother scolds her this time and shouts at her to shut up. Mr. Luthra comes to ask them collect water.

Rishab jumps into the kitchen through the window. His sleeve gets fire, Karan puts it off and hugs Rishab. Preeta thanks Rishab for coming to save her. Karan reminds he also came here. He shows Rishab there was no way out for them to leave, even the window Rishab came from is at fire.

Shrishti cries outside her house as the bucket fell off her hand. She questions why this happened to them, Preeta is at fire. Sameer comes there, she hugs him. He tries to calm her down and assures Rishab and Karan have gone inside to save Preeta, nothing will happen to Preeta. He tries to console her, then helps her get up. He says he needs her help, until the fire brigade arrives they have to attempt to put the fire off. Rishab asks Preeta for tap, but Preeta says there is no water in it. Rishab was sure there will be some way out through the window in came in.

PRECAP: Kareena questions Rakhi if they have stake themselves for her daughters. Sarla and her daughters are ill fated. Sarla warns Kareena to say another word against her daughter, and she will forget she is their guest.

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