Amaya Episode 157 Update on Saturday 21st April 2018

Since all effort to get an evidence to get Max out of jail proofs futile, Amaya informs Cesar she accepts to give him the star Zone in exchange of Max’s freedom. Amaya and Cesar then sign a document where she agrees to give him her land as soon as Cesar accomplishes to make Max a free man.

Yaayaa follows Ivan secretly to actually know the person he is indeed going to meet but fortunately for Ivan, the Police sees her as fast as possible and alerts Ivan about that and he allows Mariana to go with police whiles he goes to confront Yaayaa as to why she followed him to town and warns her that if she don’t trust him, then he will have to move away from her side and Yaayaa begs him not to leave her.


Arriving at the hotel, Yaayaa calls Ulises to asks him to stay away from her and should also stop manipulating her because she followed Ivan but only saw him with Max with Mariana and since she allowed her to get in trouble with the man she loves dearly, she wants to forget about their so-called plan whiles she goes back to her ranch with her love IvanIvan truly eavesdropped all of the conversation.

Carolina proposes to Amaya that they stop working in NESCAFE since her plan failed as Cesar will be the owner in case he is able to get Max out of jail but Amaya refuses and states that she will do it when Mauro is found.

Constanza takes her child’s scan to see Max in prison and she assures him that he will surely get out of jail and when that happens they are going to stay together in the house together with their child.

Juliana becomes furious because her brother Cesar occupied her dad’s Mauro’s office and Cesar proclaims with arrogance that now he is the president and since he can say point blank that their dad isn’t returning again, he can sit in that office whether she likes it or not.

Heriberto picks Flavia up from the airport since she is returning to the village to continue her work there having full confident that her dad has now been found. Heriberto presents nice flowers to her and she asks him to stop being formal with her from that day and he says that is really going to be difficult but she’s going to try and the two looks really happy together.

In order to do this Cesar calls Mr. Arriaga and offers him a large amount of money to turn himself in for being the murderer of Horacio, since he is very seriously ill and according to Cesar he has nothing to lose since after a year he will be out of jail and Cesar thinks this is a great opportunity which comes once in a life time. Arriaga thinks money isn’t the only thing that a man needs but living a good reputation for the society and Cesar thinks that is bullshit because with money that good reputation is nothing.

Amaya goes to the penitentiary to inform Max that she signed a document giving Cesar the star zone so that he can be set free in exchange for her land. Max opposes emphatically but the girl is adamant.

Mauro wants his son Marco Antonio to discharge him but the Marco explains that he still has to rest for a while.

Nana Yaw asks the mechanic to arrange a drag race for him to run in his car and compete with friends.

Very sure of their triumph Cesar and Lucrecia toast with champagne to celebrate.

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