I will run a transparent and all-inclusive administration – Riches Oscar(Ghana Beye yie)


One of the leading contenders for the Ashanti Regional Organizer Portfolio of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) Mr Riches Oscar aka Ghana Beye yie in an interview with fly fm disclosed that he is going to run a very transparent and an all-inclusive Administration when the king maker’s of NPP gives him the node to become the next regional Organiser for .the strong hold of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

“As the Director of logistics for the Northern Sector and Director of Operations and organization for Assembly members in Ashanti Region for election 2016 as well as Director for special operations, I did Alot of Operations and organizations in all the orphan and Most Constituencies which yielded a positive results for party, no wonder we won New Edubiase for the first time and Tepa back.”

He further stated that when he is duly elected by the cherished delegates below are some of his visions:

  1. He would collaborate with the constituency executives to collate the data of all our unemployed youth and party members from the polling station level through the constituency and to region which would be handed over to National headquarters, Ministries, Agencies et al. He would personally follow it, until our interest is served as a region.

  2. Together with the Regional Director of Research would form a committee which would be made up of constituency Directors of Research to analyze the electoral roll and register in the region then identify the antidote in these areas and constituencies that our opponents NDC votes keep increasing in the region. Under his leadership the Research Dept would be resourced to help get accurate research findings.

  3. Together with the regional Director of Communication, we would collaborate with the ministry of information and Communication to periodically organisation of Workshops and training for the members of the regional and constituency communication team members to equip them with the trend of issues.

  4. He would collaborate with all Constituency Directors of Communication to identify all information Centers in their respective areas or locality through out the region then plan for our members of the constituency communication team to go there then explain government’s achievement, challenges et al to the grassroots where votes are won. They would be resourced to motivate them carry out this duty for the party under my leadership as regional organizer.

  5. As Volunteerism has become an accepted phenomenon across the globe, He would use his requiste organisational skills to help organise volunteers to help with the party work, campaigns and help raise funds for the party at the regional level then collaborate with the constituency organizers and do same at the constituency level.

Apart from the brass band and plastic chairs he personally donated to all the 47 Constituencies in the region, he would see to it that, his other visions that he shared on his campaign tour would be fulfilled.

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