Ghana football awards to be launched on 27th April

Ghana couldn’t make it to this World Cup, and it left many fans heartbroken. The country, which reached the quarterfinals in the last edition, actually missed out on the World Cup spot because of an incorrect offside decision that went against it while they were playing Uganda in the qualifiers. They did report on the unfair decision to Fifa, but we guess it will still be a while before the would rub in.


All being said though, Ghana is well and truly on its way to ensure that it doesn’t miss out on the World Cup spot the next time. And one good way to go about it is to honour and recognize the talents it has. There is a clear plan to ensure that Ghana doesn’t see a slump any time soon.

The Ghana Football Awards 2018


The Ghana football award is going to be launched on April 27, and it will be the equivalent of Ballon d’Or. Ghana has recently risen on the Fifa rankings too so they are playing some good football. And while you can draw in inspiration by betting on the team with Betway secure sports betting and win big, there is


Who will be recognized?

The move is expected to recognize the football talent that Ghana has as well as felicitate the stars of yesteryear. For instance, the maiden edition this year, called the f360 Ghana Football Awards, will be held in June and have all outstanding players in Ghana under its purview.


The AE Media communication sponsored awards, powered by the popular sports channel Kwesé Free Sports, will have various categories in its awards. So, you will have awards for the Goalkeeper of the Year, as well as the Coach of the Year. You will also have an award for the Women’s footballer of the year, and the much coveted Ghana footballer of the year. The awards will be on similar lines to other major awards like the AF Awards in Africa or the Ballon d’Or for Europe.


Does it Make Sense?


Well, it definitely does. Ghana has constantly been producing some great football talents in the last few years and this development means that Ghana is willing to recognize its football talents and give its youth the push it needs to strive and do better.


In fact, the awards are for both genders, and it fills a void among many aspiring footballers who would want to see their talents being recognized.


It will also be an annual affair from now on, and will potentially be a tradition where football lovers will celebrate their achievements for a whole night with the entire country watching them.


Ghana loves football, so why not honour its stars?


When Can You Watch It?


You can watch the live telecast of the events on Friday, April 27, 2018. If you are in luck, you could even try attending the event, which is scheduled to be held at the Samsung Premium Rooftop, in Accra.


The awards are the perfect way to build up to the 2018 World Cup, and one you definitely cannot miss out on.

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