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Kundali Bhagya Episode 90 Update on Friday 13th April 2018

Preeta happily accepts to dance with Rishab. Sherlin comes to Karan while Shrishti tells Prithvi he can’t go anywhere and dances with him.
Preeta enjoy dancing with Rishab. Rishab politely asks if he told her she looks beautiful. Preeta laughs. Rishab says this is his problem, he can’t say a lot of things to her. Preeta asks what? Rishab says its late now, he won’t be able to say now.
Sherlin asks Karan if he is angry, his face speaks so. Karan says faces are deceiving; like Sherlin looks pretty today. Sherlin asks if it was a taunt. Karan watches Preeta smile while dancing with Rishab. Sherlin asks if he is jealous for Preeta dancing with Rishab or upset because she had a roka with Prithvi. Karan tells her to be concerned with her own matters.
Prithvi asks Shrishti about
her height. Shrishti asks why it matters to him, he should be concerned about likings and disliking of Preeta. Prithvi asks her to call him as Jeejo. Shrishti notices him staring at Sherlin who also smirked. Shrishti shows her dislikeness and leaves the dance. Sameer asks Shrishti to dance but she leaves.
As she passes by, Janki thinks about telling Shrishti but she leaves watching Sameer behind him. Janki goes to find Sarla. She comes to Rakhi who points towards Sarla. Janki brings Sarla aside. Sarla says she isn’t concerned about Sherlin, while Prithvi is a really nice man. Janki thinks Sarla doesn’t trust her, she won’t listen to her. She was worried and thinks about sharing it with Preeta.

She goes to dance floor but Mama Ji stops Janki half way and shows his burnt hand. He insists on her to come and pour salt in the food.
Shrishti hides herself behind a wall while Sameer looks for her. He lets go of her and leaves back to function. Shrishti was relieved but turns to see Sameer right there. She slips while he holds her into his arms. Rakhi watch them right there. Rakhi comes there and asks Shrishti if her hair is fine. She says she won’t question them, but complains Sameer for hiding what’s in his heart. Sameer takes a leave. Shrishti tries to stop him, but he doesn’t. Rakhi assures he soon will. She asks Shrishti about Sameer. Shrishti says she won’t change for Sameer at all, he will have to adjust. Shrishti decides to flee from there. Rakhi was happy about the couple and go to speak to Sameer about it.
Prithvi’s mother announces a couple dance of Prithvi and Preeta. Prithvi dances intimately with Preeta while she feels awkward by his touch. Karan was curt, Rishab upset. After the dance, Preeta leaves the stage.
Rakhi comes to Sameer who was busy on call. She asks Sameer if he was speaking to the same. Sameer doesn’t understand. Rakhi complains he didn’t share such a huge matter with her. Sameer thinks she is speaking about Shrishti, and denies speaking to her. Rakhi laughs that finally he has confessed. Rakhi tells Sameer in the love of youth, people think they can hide from everyone but love can never be hidden. Sameer asks her not to be so filmy. Rakhi asks Sameer if he hates Shrishti. He says he doesn’t hate her, she is a nice girl. Rakhi says their thinking match, birth charts would also match.
Preeta was uncomfortable as she walks down the corridor. Karan comes there. Preeta asks why he looks upset. Karan says Prithvi is a shameless man, he was touching her during the dance. Preeta says Prithvi has a right to touch her, as she is her husband to be.
Janki watches Karan and Preeta and hurries to come to them. Kareena hits her half way and feels disgusted about her. She sends Janki to bring juice for her, but Janki calls a waiter. Kareena insists on Janki to serve her; and complains about their arrangements.
Karan says he is really irritated today, he still cares for her a lot. Preeta doesn’t understand. Karan explains that she is his Dadi’s physio, he doesn’t want her to get any harm.
Janki tells Kareena the food will be served in five minutes. Kareena complains it’s too late, Janki argues it’s not. She leaves Kareena as she has a lot to do, and doesn’t have time for her.
Karan and Preeta argue with each other. Karan complains she didn’t listen to him. Preeta says he gives rubbish suggestions, not worthy of listening. He turns to leave, Preeta holds his hand. Karan tells her to leave it else. Preeta asks else? Karan says he would take her in front of everyone.

PRECAP: Preeta tells Sherlin she knows Sherlin is having an affair with someone else, Janki has seen them together. Prithvi hits the back of Janki’s head in the room. Sherlin suggests her to take her to store room and then put a fire there.


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