The episode begins when Max is fingerprinted and they give him the uniform he now has to wear and he is taking to jail.
Mariana informs Amaya that Marco Antonio has been trying to contact her.

Ivan asks Yaayaa to go to Mexico with her because he suspects Ulises could be near his wife and she agrees to go with him but Ulises go ballistic upon hearing that Ivan is coming with her.
Mariana gives Flavia a letter from Heriberto and she’s moved after reading it.
Florencia” thus Juliana telephones Lucrecia again and Cesar answering the call, she tells him that she knows he killed Horacio and not Max but he will hear from her very soon. This makes Cesar go crazy because Florencia knows his secret.
Cesar is seriously aggressive to look for Florenciasince he can’t risk been caught by the police after she reveals his crime.

Lucio asks Flavia about the whereabout of his dad and Max and Lucio becomes unwell because Lucrecia with her heartless heart tells him his father isn’t coming back because since he’s dead and that Max is in jail because he murdered Horacio.

Mauro meets Marco Antonio and asks him to help him by calling his best friend Manuel and ask him to protect his children for him but he couldn’t get in touch with him.
Valeria arrives in Mexico with Carolina and Ulises’ employee informs him about her arrival.
Constanza visits Max in prison and she continue to blame Amaya for the Max’s misfortune now but he tells her he doesn’t want to speak about Amaya with her. Max asks Constanza not to depend on him anymore and rebuild her life nowthat he has no life tide up in jail but she refuses to do that because she believes he won’t be in prison all his life and promised to get him out of there.
Amaya has to give the news of her father’s death to her daughter and it becomes really painful for her and Valeria because she will never see her daddy again.

Manuel asks another lawyer to take Max’s case because he can’t trust the one that Cesar hired because he is willing to do everything in Mauro’s absence. Max asks Constanza not to depend on him anymore and rebuild her life.
At the burial whiles Valeria puts Horacio’s ashes in the box with everyone support, Cesar arrives suddenly to tell Valeria that Max killed her father just to make her hate him. Amaya and Mariana explain things to her but she’s already accepted what Cesar said. Amaya then slaps him for being very stupid to just hurt the girl and she warns him to not dare go near her daughter if not he will have her to contend with

Flavia telephones Heriberto and they have a friendly chat and she thanks him for the nice letter he sent her proving to be very supportive in everything she’s going through.
Dario arrives in Nescafe and he meets Carolina and they have a nice chat.
Jorge and Carolina find out Cesar could have followed Max to Horacio’s apartment since they investigate in the office through the CCTV Camera to know that Cesar left immediately after Max left.
Mauro gets in touch with Juliana through Dr. Marco Antonio’s help and she’s really happy to know her father is alive.


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