Nana Okata Amoah II meet the people and
chiefs in Yakoko a town in eastern region in Suhum Kraboa Coatal District.  He thanked all the citizens for the support
of his enstoolment. He said, he is willing to develop the village with the support
of his sub chiefs.
is what he said on the durbar grounds:
1# He talked about constructing of road in
the township
2# Building of palace and durbar grounds.
3# Existence of citizenship card if u are
only 18 years and above.
4# Land acquisitions and ownership.  He said Yakoko land is a stool land under
Akyem  Abuakwa lands. Selling of lands in
the community must stop.
5# Am pleading to Government and organizations
 to come to our aid to help us to develop
the town.
6# the youth should set up football clubs,
keep fit clubs and promote games in the community.
7# we will soon build communication centre
to send information across for daily activities in the township.
8# Youth employment enrollment to help all
Yakoko citizens to earn income and support our town.
9# we will invite resource persons from health
centre’s to educate us on unnecessary drinking and smoking and take good care
of our health.
10# All the citizens should be self disciple
respectful and love each other.
He ended by saying together we can  build the town 
so he need each and everyone  support and plead to the Government and organizations’
to come to their aid.

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