Jodha Akbar Episode 547–548 Update on Monday 18th December 2017

Scene 1
Jodha says to Jalal that all are happy with this marriage, i hope Salim will be happy too, Jalal says Mann is nice girl, she will teach love to Salim, like you made me learn love, Jodha says we should do something to give them good start to life, they should spend more time with each other but not here, if they keep in palace then Salim will be heir only and Mann will be daughter in law, they will not get time to understand each other, they should go far and alone so that they can spend time with each other, Jalal says its good idea, i will think where to send them.
In court, Jalal ask to starts proceedings, Birbal tells him that Kashmir’s princess is marrying, they have sent invitation, we have good relations with them so we should send someone there, Jodha says sorry to interrupt, she says i think we should send Salim and Mann to kashmir, they will spend time with each other, Jalal says good idea, he ask Salim, Salim says i like to be in palace only, mann is new here so she should get used to here, Jodha says she will have time to adjust here, you should spend time with her and also we have good relations with Kashmir so you should go, Jalal says Jodha is right, you should go, Salim says your order will be followed, Jalal ask him to pack bags, Salim leaves, Bhagwan says we should leave too, Jalal says when we come to Amer you serve us alot so let use serve you too, Bhagwan says this is daughter’s house, it wont be good if we stay here, Jalal agrees. English ambassador comes there reads message of queen, it reads that England want to develop business relationship with Mughal empire, they want to send things in India and they need Land and market for it, also they want you people to exportspices and we need your port to do shipments, and they are ready to pay tax for it, Jalal says we will think about it then will answer, ambassador says we hope this is new era of Mughals and England, ambassador leave, Jalal thinks.
Scene 2
Jalal and Jodha are having food, Jodha says its good food, Jalal says you make good food, Jodha says its about good spice and their taste, she says these english people will buy our spices in low prices and then sell it in higher price in foreign countries, why you are allowing them to use our ports? Jalal says we develop more spices than our use so its better to export them, Jodha says why not Mughal government take over this matter, this way even farmers will get good price for theeir things, Jalal ask who will handle this duty? Jodha says me, i will do this work, i know about spices alot, Jalal says you proved again that you deserve to be queen of India, dont export so much spice that my food gets less spice too, Jodha laughs.
In court, all are waiting for Jalal, Hamida ask Ruks why did Jalal call us here? Ruks says dont know, Salima says i think jodha must know why jalal called us here? Jodha says dont tease me, Salima says it must be matter related to jodha, Ruks says Jalal doesnt see anyone other than Jodha, he forgets sometime that he has other wives too, Jalal comes there, he says i have something important to discuss, he ask Todar that if we agree to do spice business with English men then how much profit we will get? Todar calculates and says 1lac coins, Jalal says if we take over this business and send spices in our ships, we will buy from farmers then sell it english men, then how much profit? Todar says 3.5 lacs coins, Jalal smiles and says then why should we incure loss? so i order to take exports in our hands and will handle it, he ask to send message to farmers, Fazal says who will handle this export area? Jalal says jodha will handle it, its her idea, she want to give profit to farmers, he ask Todar to help her in this work, Jodha smiles, jalal looks at her and smiles, Ruks fumes in anger.
Scene 3
birbal comes to meet english men, he says that Jalal has agreed to do business with you people, but you cannot export spice directly, the kingdom will see over this matter, he leaves, english men are angry.
Jalal says to farmers that Queen has called you, the queen who has worked alot to serve you, she want to talk to you, she want to give happiness to you people, he ask Jodha to come forward, Jodha says to farmers that we have extended our business with England, they buy spice from you and sell it for more price, they take credit for you work, to give you credit, we have decided to buy spice from you people and then we will sell it to english men with mughal name, you will get double profit and also will be credited, i want your assistance in it, farmers says you are working for us, we are with you, Jodha says to women that i need harem women to help me out too, she says we have to see quality of spice and for this work i have only one name in my mind and that is Salima, Ruks is shocked and angry, jodha looks at Ruks and says if Ruks was with us then it would be good but she already have harem work so i dont want to burden her, Ruks thinks that jodha cant do thsi export business, jalal will understand it with time.
Jodha is ordering dasies about spice business, jalal comes there with flowers, Jodha ask what are you hiding? Jalal says nothing, he says you have guess whats in my hands, if you guess it right then it will be yours else i have other wives, she says what it can be? anklet, necklace or what? Jalal says you have only one chance, if you dont guess it then i will give it to someone else, Jodha goes near dressing table, she removes her dupatta and says Jalal that will you apply flowers in my hairs? Jalal ask how you know? Jodha says with its fragrance, jalal says i like this about, he puts pink flower in her hairs, Jodha says what i like you always remember it.
In morning, Jalal comes to Fazal, Fazal says Mirza has sent message, Mir has attacked them, he want help, Jalal says send Daniyal with force, Rahim you also go with him.
Jodha is checking spice boxes, Salima is there too, Todar says once these spice reach there then we will get alot of profit, Jodha says i just want my farmers to get what they deserve, Ruks thinks that i have to do something to fail Jodha.
PRECAP- Ruks open windows of godown where spices were stored, its raining outside. Salima tells Jalal and Jodha that spices destroyed because of rain, we cant export them now, 
Scene 1
Jalal comes to jodha, they have a talk, he holds her hand, Jodha says now everything will be fine, Jalal says everything is fine, i dont understand what you say and why you say, you women cannot be understand, Jodha says we are like this, Jalal says i dont like these tears in your eyes, soldier calls jalal in court, Jodha makes him wear turban, he leaves.

Salima is checking spice storage, she tells it to Jodha, Todar comes, Jodha ask how these things will be exported? Todar says from storage area, they will be sent to ships then it will be transported, Jodha says be careful, there should be no moisture in cartons else all spices will be destroyed, Ruks listens this and smirks, Salima says to Jodha that work is going great, Jodha says it will be great when farmers will get credit, Ruks says the thing to take in your hands Jodha, it has to succeed, she thinks i will destroy your plan.
Murad is drinking wine, English ambassadors come there and present him gifts, the translator says to Murad that these men wants to trade with India, Murad says so what? Translator says that if you were heir then things would be great as you have great thinking and is warrior, you have spark, its sad that you dont have any position, he leaves with English men, Murad fumes in anger.
Aram comes to Jodha with comb, Jodha says your hairs are set, you dont need combing, Aram says i want to comb your hairs, when i will get married, i will have to make braids of my hairs like Mann bai so i want to practice it now, i will not get time atfer marriage and who will make braids of my kids? these dasies are useless, Jodha says dont worry i will go with you to make hairs of your kids, she laughs.
Scene 2
All are in court, Jalal says Todar will tell finance of this year to court, Todar tell him profit of season and says it has increased because of Jodha working hard, our finance will increase and also farmers will be credited too, Jalal says this means we are profited alongwith farmers and also our foreign relations has gone to next level, jodha has done great work, i cant name her anything as her position is very big, i just want to heartily thank her for her work, she has proved that once women take responsibility, she surely fulfills it, i want to Jodha to come forward, Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal says i want to give Jodha a special stamp today, from today all trades will be under her supervision, she will use this stamp to allow trades, all chant for Jodha, Jodha takes stamp from Jalal, Ruks is fuming in anger.
Salima congratulate Jodha, Jodha says it happened with your help only, Hamida says but you worked hard for it, Todar calls Jodha, she leaves.
Jodha comes to Todar, Todar tells her that our export is ready, Jodha says its already late, you transport it soon as weather is also not good, Todar says i will start transport from tomorrow only, ruks spies on her and thinks that it will not transport ever.
Ruks comes to dasi and tells her something muted, she says to Dasi that do my work tonight only and you will get your reward if you do my work nicely, she leaves.
Scene 3
Its raining at night, Jodha comes on terrace and gets drenched in rain, Moti ask her to come else she will fall ill, Jodha says i like rains, Jalal comes and is stunned to see her, he says she is right, see your age, come inside, Jodha says you are old not me, Jalal says not like that, i dont like rains, Jodha says it means you accepted that you are old, Jalal says i am not old, Jodha says then come in rain and show it to me, Jalal says you are challenging me? Jodha can anyone challenge old man? Jalal ask Moti to bring dry dress for Jodha, she leaves, Jalal comes in rain and hugs Jodha from back, he says see i came to you, she smiles shyly, he says we should go inside now, Jodha stops him and says why? are you afraid of getting drenched with me in rain? Jalal smiles and enjoys rain with her.
Todar checks storage of spice and closes windows so cartons doesnt get wet, he leaves, Ruks dasi comes there and open windows of godown where spices were stored, its raining outside, all cartons get wet.
Jalal and Jodha are enjoying rain, they have slow dance, meri dhadkan dhadkan tumho…Tumho zindagani plays, Jodha smiles and hugs Jalal, they are getting wet together and enjoying rain.
Ruks dasies are leaving godown, Moti comes there and ask what are you doing here? she says Todar asked me check godown,Moti says ok leave, she leaves.
Its morning, Jodha is sleeping in bed, Jalal is smiling at her, sitting beside her, she wakes up and coughs, she looks at Jalal, he ask her to sleep,Jodha says why didnt you wake me up? Jalal says you look very pretty when asleep, Jodha coughs, Jalal says i told you to not get drenched but you didnt listen to me, Moti comes there with Kadha, Jalal takes it, she leaves, Jalal ask Jodha to drink kadha and dont make faces, Jodha takes it and doesnt want to drink it, Jalal coughs too, Jodha says you have cold too, now you have to share Kadha with me too, Jalal drinks it half and ask Jodha to drink it now, Salima comes there, Salima tells Jodha that i had to disturb you at this time as there is some problem, Jodha ask what happened? Salima tells Jalal and Jodha that spices destroyed because of rain, cartons got wet, we cant export them now, Jalal and Jodha are stunned.
PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that i have given responsibility of trade to you so i want you to take decision regarding it, Ruks is stunned that Jalal is still taking her side.
Scene 1
Jalal and Jodha comes in godown, they are shocked to see everything drenched in water, Jodha says all our work is destroyed, Jalal says i dont understand how this happened, Todar i closed windows, Jalal says then how it get opened? Jodha says its not his fault, it was strong storm, windows would have got opened, i trust Todar, Salima says what will we do now? if order doesnt reach to countries till tomorrow then it will our insult, Ruks says what can happen now? she ask Jalal to inform countries that they cant send order, Jalal agrees, jodha says no you will not do anything like that, i will find some way, i will not let Mughal saltanat insulted, trust me, jalal says i have given you responsibility of trade so i leave decision of all this to you too, i have complete faith in you, Ruks is stunned.
jodha comes to farmers and sellers, she says that i want you people to you give your extra spices to us, we have always been with you and now we want you help, mughal saltanat need you, we want your assistance.
English men gets know about spices getting wet, they say that Indians are fool, its time for celebration, one man says we have to look for bigger picture, we have to divide and rule, we have to handle Murad, we have to make Murad king then we can do whatever we want.
People start bringing extra spices, and order is getting fulfilled, Jodha comes and says to Todar that this is miracle, Todar says yes things are coming, i just hope our order gets completed, one farmer says to jodha that you always do things for us then its our time, we are going to Agra and collecting order, Jalal comes and says to Jodha that you have done great work, Jodha says its because my nation is with me.
todar is checking order, he says we are getting things from different cities, hope order will be completed till tomorrow, Jodha sees Salima working and ask her to go and take rest then she will go and take rest, Salima agrees.
English men calls Murad and offers him wine, they say its great wine but Murad doesnt take it, they say that they want Murad to become next king, Murad is stunned, translator says that they have great ideas and can help you, Murad says but they are businessmen, translator says that they want ports and ships of india and they will help you to become king, they will take Jalal away from Agra for some and you will be in Agra then you can become king and they will support you, Murad says if thats the case then i will give them great offers in business.
jodha comes to godown and ask Jodha to take rest, Jodha says no this is my work and i am needed to be with my people, Jalal says then i am king and i should be here too, jodha ask him to not be stubborn, Jalal says i am our husband so i should be with you in every walk, he helps in work. Todar tells Jodha that order is ready to send to port, Jalal smiles proudly at Jodha.
In harem, all are chanting for Jodha, Jalal ask Jodha to sit at throne of Harem, Jodha says this Ruks’s seat, Ruks says no today you deserve to sit here, Jodha sit on throne. Ruks says how dare she sit on my throne, i will snatch everything from her, Jalal says to jodha that your work is commendable, Hamida praises her too, jodha says it happened as you all were with me, Salima says Jala didnt sleep for two nights, you both should take rest, Jalal ask Jodha to come and take rest, Ruks is angry, she deliberately throws tea cups on throne and says this throne is destroyed, nobody can sit on it now, Jalal says i will make another one, he leave, Ruks says i can never sit on throne on which Jodha sat, new one has to be made.
Jalal brings Jodha in room, he makes her lie down on bed, Jodha says who sleep at day time? Jalal says you worked whole night so you have to sleep, he ask Moti to keep check on her that she doesnt get up, Moti nods and leaves, jalal is standing beside Jodha and ask jodha to sleep, Jodha says i am not getting sleep, she ask him to sit beside her, Jalal says i will lie beside you, Jodha says no need for that, wanna talk to you, Jalal says you wanna talk about time when you took my bullets out from gun? when we went to hunt, Jodha says i wil never allow you to kill innocent animals, Jalal says then we should go for boat ride, we will flow with water, there will cold breeze and i will praise your beauty, jodha sleeps, Jalal smiles and caresses her face.
PRECAP- Translator says to Jalal that english men wants to open armour shop in India, they want Jalal to come there and check place so that it si approved for shop, Jalal thinks. translator comes to Murad and says if Jalal doesnt go to Thatta(city) then you wont be able to become king.

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