Jodha Akbar Episode 314–315 Update on Thursday 17th August 2017

Maham is taken to the prison by two KS guards she is walking like a zombie and remembers Ja telling her that he wants to repay the debt of her milk to put her into a dungeon and he does not want to see her face. She reaches her prison room wakes up and looks at the Quran kept there and puts it to her head reverently and weeping bitterly as her prison door is closed
The Eid jashn is happening and Ja greets Tansen and again apologies and aks to forgive him and Jo says no create such a raag and song and make SH listen so that whoever listens his heart is filled with grief.Ja smiles as he listens to her HB is also there. Tansen says he will try and do . Just then TM Atgah and his son come all greet each other. S introduces Atgah son . Aziz  to Jo and she feels guilty remembering how she sent a letter to princess of Champawat. She greets Atgah and his son and apologies how she sent the letter to the princess saying her marriage wont happen without her accent as she got a letter from her. Atgah immediately puts her at her ease saying the king himself wanted to marry his daughter to my son Ja smiles and Jo is confused .  Jalal tells her how he tried to find out the truth and learnt that the princess was scared to marry a Mughal and how when he sent Atgah’s son, Aziz wanted to leave but SH stops him saying don’t feel shy , and when he went there she learnt he was good and teases Jo saying  not like some Shahzadis who took one year to learn that Mughals are good. Jo makes an mock angry face and Ja laughs loud looking at her face a cute scene. All laugh and Ruq SB Rahim and all come Nigar also comes and greets HB Jo and Jalal and then thanks hi  says she does not want power when he offers  her share To rule but happy to be with him and that her mom CB gets well soon as she suffered much because of MA. Her name makes Ja sad  and this makes Jo also angry and sad.She watches him like a hawk
Adam goes secretly to the prison and meets MA  and abuses Ja  for putting her in the prison and he will take revenge.MA tells him he can do as he pleases but not harm lalal as she still loves him . Adam is very angry how she always loved Ja as her son till today and gave his share of love to Ja.
All Khass Begums  are together and Jo says SH is very upset though not showing  and then all decide to surprise him by preparing his favorite food and also play different games with him to divert and the close family  will do it without the help of bandhis initially Ruq protested that MA truth has to come out one day but SB and Jo insists in their good natured way and then  all plan and  go and Ruq says she will look into the arrangements.
At DEK SH praises Atgah and his son Aziz how he always helped with good advice and action more then what was expected of him whether finding his Chandammijaan or attacking his enemies  and asks him to ask for something when Atgah demurs he gives him the estate belonging to MA. All are happy. Adam comes and shouts at Jalal for putting his mother in prison snatching everything from them Jalal gets angry how he can do such Gustaqi Adam is just unstoppable and goes on and on for snatching his share of love from his mother and keeps shouting against  Jalal not giving any respect Atgah tries to stop him but he goes on and on and  finally SH stops him by taking away all his estates and position and says he will get only a soldiers salary and this will be reviewed after 6 monthsdepending on your behavior . Jalal asks him to go off and not show his face again.
When TM and Atgah tells SH not to leave AK outside.SH says AK has no brains to do and plan a successful  bhagavat he has anger emotions and threatens t I snatched his mother from him  .Jalal then adjorned the DEK and goes to his Hojra and FBs of how MA saved him and brought him up are shown He feels bad remembering all that. He quickly goes to JO hojra but cant find her there and then MB tells him strangely as if she does not know where JB is .He goes to Ruq hojra SB’s hojra and HB’s hojra none of the bandhis know where they are and he thinks where have all his women gone. Lol
Rahim comes and calls him saying I know whom you are searching and also where all have gone and after some persuasion he tells Jalal all are planning some surprise for you but they don’t want to tell you. If all women can keep a secret and be together then we men also should stick together and not let them know that we already know their secret that they are planning a small Jashn and SH says then I will also act as if I don’t know and Rahim asks SH to promise and which he does and SH hugs his chote mard  Rahim  then takes SH to that place
All are busy preparing dishes and do not see SH there and JB finishes one then asks HB to taste saying she never prepared Navratna Khorma earlier. HB says its smelling very good Jb asks her to teach her to play pacheesi which SH likes very much. Ruq is making some sweet for JB after learning from MB and when GB asks her why she is not preparing for Jalal but JB she says JB has done lot of favours for her so now she is returning the favors. Jalal looks at the scene smiles and goes from there.
AK goes and in front of Javeda keeps on cribbing and shows her a throne that he had got it made  it long time back and hid it he sits ON IT and asks Javeda how he looks on it and Javeda says you don’t fit in it AK scolds her and says he is a future king and has been planning it since long building up a hidden army when his mother was busy with Jalal and plans to do Bhagawat and plans not to spare Jalal.
PRECAP  JB tells Jalal you already lost twice playing chess with Ruq and if this time you lose then and Jalal smiles and closes her mouth with his hand smiles and pulls her near maybe for a hug or a kiss


The epi starts with jalal gestures Jodha to sit with him n enjoy food that three begum cooked. But she shly refused nodding her head negetively. She went saying that she will feed Rahim.
While jodha was waiting for Rahim to come back Himida came n praised Jodha for her idea for this family get togather. But Jodha says that she is still unsure that Jalal is ok.
After Hamida went Jalal came n romantically says that he wanna spend time with her.. But she cut him n ask Rukaiyya who was passing by to play chess with Jalal. Jalal too played with Rukaiyya but after sometime he disappeared from there too. Suddenly he appeared to jodha n ask if she was searching him? She denied n make some other excuse n went from there.
In Jodha’s room, jalal again came n said he really wanna spend quality time with her but she is sending him away. He romantically come close to her but then says that he need to go as he remember some work but she stopped him n say she too wanted to be with him n they hug each other.
There Javida ask Adam khan that where he is going at night n that too with knife. But he scolded her n moved out.
A man came to Adgah khan n informed him that a man all covering his face asked to inform Shahenshah tht some men are set for roits in Agra n further info that man will to shahenshah at Yamuna.
Adam khan was waiting at a place for jalal to come so that he could kill him. But instead of jalal Adgah khan came wearing jalal’s dress n Adam khan attacked him but his by mistake hit javida who was coming to inform Jalal. But Adam khan again attack adgah khan in his shoulder.
Javida n Adgah khan were brought back to palace. Jalal thinks that finally he went there. Jalal had a flashback where Jalal n Adgah n jalal were discussing abt the information given by stranger. Adgah khan says that he will go instead of jalal to find out the truth but jalal tried stopping him.
He went to meet adgah khan n asked him why he did all this? Adgah khan reply that he will always be a wall in front of Jalal.
There Adam khan was drinking he says that Adgah khan is not letting him kill jalal so he will kill him first.
In the morning, adgah khan was checking the accounts that Todarmal mentioned to be suspecious about the region of Adam khan. There Adam khan entered the palace with sword n started killing everyone. He finally go to the room were Adgah khan was present n finally killed him…
Precap: Jalal was all drenched in blood n MA came n got worried.
Adam goes out of the room after attacking atga , he is covered with blood, Adham comes out with his sword grunting jalal’s name n attacks all the soldier in the way, their atga was still concious n came out slowly just to inform jalal,there some1 saw him n came for help n then atga ask him to go n inform jalal n told him a secret way, their jalal is sleeping in his room but got disturbed by the voice coming from outside, before he understand the person reached there n informs jalal that adham is heading towards him for killing him n also that he has killed atga, Jalal was shocked n angry,  he comes out with sword.
Adham n Jalal came face to face, adham says that he has broken his protective layers by killing all his loyal people, A fight starts between them. jalal gets attacked a few time but then he is successful in beating down adham.Todarmal with few soldiers reaches there n ask if he’s fine or not, he says yes but now adham is not going to be fine, he drag him.
Other side, maham was getting more disturbed she request soldiers to take her to jalal,she has to say something important to jalal, The soldiers contemplate what to do. There, Jalal says that if he should have attacked him then he might have forgiven him as he’s his brother in relation but as he has killed atga who is like a father figure for him, he’ll give him a severe punishment worse than death, n ask soldiers to throw him from above, He says if he s still alive bring him up and throw him again.
Jodha & other ladies got terrified to see this face of Jalal, jodha was not agreed at this, she want to stop him but hamida stop her saying its not correct time,  adham says to jalal that he can’t do this on that jalal push him down, asks his men is he alive ? A soldier says yes. jalal says bring him up and throw him again.
Jalal says that he’s not dead bcoz he still has to face his sins, n this time he’ll throw him for the girl he wanted to marry n destroy her life, n throws him again jalal asks is he still alive ? The soldier says yes. jalal says bring him up. Jalal says he has taken advantages of his powers every time. This pain is for the mom he took advantage of, for the wife he never took care of, jalal asks his men to throw him again by his head n this time adham is dead.
Todar request all royal ladies to go inside,  Jalal took adham n says that he want to show every1 that this is the result of hurting his loved n closed ones, he took adham on his shoulders n annonce infront of people, that he killed his brother today, he killed his badi ammi’s trust n love, may be coming generations will say that he was cruel but for him he’s a traitor who killed atga n he gave him punishment, n he takes bath from his blood.
Soul talk: Jalal says after adham’s death new pat of our life has started.
jodha says a lot of time has gone but we still talk like this. jalal says our love is eternal.
Other side, salima is worried for javeda that how she’ll face it, Jalal came n says that she’ll get all facities like before, hamida ask him to go n himself tell maham about this, there maham convince the soldiers n came out to meet Jalal both approching each other, maham saw Jalal in blood n got terrified, jalu told her that adham has done a crime n he got punished, maham says that if he has done a crime he must get a punishment but request not to kill him, he told that he killed atga, maham got more scared that jalu might have beaten him badly thats y all this blood, jalu hugs maham to console n then only she saw javeda in white clothes n understands everything n before she question jalu, she faints with shock.
Precap: Jalal goes to jodha n she got terrified to see him n move back.

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