Do Not Love Me So Much (Final) Episode 205–206 Update on Wednesday 5th July 2017

The Episode starts with Pam and RK’s conversation. Pam tells RK that she don’t want to go to America with Neil. She thinks why they are separating again when destiny united them. She says she don’t want to go as she came to know how is her Bhabhi Ragini. She says Ragini is very nice and have changed her perception. She says if I goes to her with any problem then I am sure that she will solve my problem. She tells RK that she don’t want to go for him and wishes to settle down with him. RK looks on happily.

Ranbir tells Aarav that Dad is going back to America, and he is also going. Aarav says Maa and Papa are separating because of me. Ranbir says Maa needs you and asks him to be with her. Aarav says I gave much pain to maa and thinks he shall go with them to America. Ranbir says I have a solution, and asks him to go with Dad and he will stay with mum. Aarav says there are renowned hospitals in America. Ranbir says good hospitals are here too and says they need him. Suhani tells that she loves Ragini even though she didn’t give her birth. She says she don’t want to go. Karthik says we shall not go.

Aman tells Nivedita that Neil is going back. Nivedita says they are meant to be together, and loves each other a lot. Why did they do this again? She seems to be unhappy with their decision and says that they should be together as a couple. Aman says circumstances are wrong. Nivedita says we are coming closer and if someone asks me to go far from you then I can’t go. Aman is surprised. Nivedita praises him and says I need you. Aman coughs being uncomfortable. Nivedita says just like Neil and Ragini are made for each other, we are also……..Aman drinks water. Nivedita says we have come really close to each other, I love you and really like you. Aman asks really do you love me? Nivedita says yes, I love you surely. She asks why you are shocked. She says if I am not suitable for you. Aman says there is no compatibility between us, and says he is having old thinking and is like old laptop, but she is modern and have new thinking. Nivedita says you are perfect for me. Aman asks really. Nivedita asks him to reply. She says I love you……………do you love me…….Aman says I can’t tell this. Nivedita says it is okay. Aman asks will you like to grow old with me. Nivedita hugs him. Aman smiles.

Nishi comes to Pam and asks her to stop all this. She begs infront of her. Pam asks her to calm down and says she has to go for a reason. Agam asks her to make her understand. Pam says nobody can explain to Neil and Ragini. She says if Ragini asks Neil not to go, then Neil will stay back. She says Neil have bought a chain of hospitals, and that’s why Ragini will not ask him to stay back. She says Neil will not ask Ragini to come with him as she will not agree. Nishi cries and says they don’t have mum and dad’s love for forever. She says I miss you. Pam says I am not giving you chance to miss me. She says I will stay with Ragini.

Sunny Tai cries. Agam asks her to stop crying. Sunny Tai says her dream is broken and she wanted to make her hair do, with modern outfits, but now she can’t go even to a concert. Agam promises to come back and take her to America. Sunny Tai gets happy and hugs them. Asha Nani asks Pam to go with Neil and says they are with Ragini here, but Neil will be alone if she stays back. She says Ragini respects your decision and asks her to decide.

Ranbir asks Aarav why he is not ready? Aarav says I am not going and says he will work hard, study and make mom proud. Ranbir says this is last chance for you and asks him to decide wisely. Aarav says he wants to stay with Ragini and be something. He asks him to go with Neil and make a good career. Ranbir asks him to promise to make a good career. Aarav promises.
Pam comes to the inhouse temple and talks to God saying he might be feeling surprised to see her infront of him. Pam says when you took my mum and dad from me, I never folded hands infront of you and never asked you anything. She says today I came for my Bhai Neil and Bhabhi Ragini. She says they love each other a lot and asks if it is his wish to separate them. She asks him not to separate them and says they are trying to unite them. She cries and prays to God to unite Neil and Ragini. Super Nani asks Neil if he is going? Neil says yes, I have to go. Super Nani says we will be alone then. Neil asks them to come with him. Super Nani says Ragini and Asha needs her and asks who will take care of them. She asks him not to go. Neil says I have to goand says his kids are not settled yet. Super Nani says Ragini will be incomplete without you. Neil says even I will be incomplete without her. Super Nani tells him that they are her two eyes and asks him to be with Ragini. Neil looks on.

Ragini and Neil sweet argument continues. Suhani asks them to fight but don’t get separated. Ragini and Neil smiles.

The Episode starts with Pam convincing Suhani and Agam to come with them for US. She says Ragini will be burdened with their college fees and other expenses and asks them to understand. She says we will come here for a vacation. Nishi, Jignesh and Aarav comes to Pam. Pam says Neil was emotional and left without meeting you. Nishi gets emotional. Aarav says he is a best dad. Jigesh says he is a great father in law and I am happy to married Nishi. Sunny Tai tells that Ragini can’t see you crying and that’s why left for somewhere. She says she couldn’t bear and might be crying alone. Agam says we want to hug her and cry. Suhani says she has to meet us once. RK asks Pam if she is going? Pam says I am going for Neil. RK says you had left me long ago, and now…He says I have stayed alone as I love you very much. He says I have never asked for anything and you will always stay in my heart. If you want to leave then I will not stop you. Pam says do you think that I get angry whenever you flirts with me? No. I like whenever you flirt or talks to me. She says few people liked her in America, but she said that she is waiting for someone special. She says you are that special someone. RK asks her not to go. Pam says I can understand and says I am also going through the same pain. She says I should confess now, and says I really love you very much more than you do.

Aman and Nivedita come there. Aman says he want to give breaking news to them before they leave for America. He talks about humidity. Nivedita says you can’t tell. She says we are liking each other and are about to marry each other. She invites them for their marriage. RK asks them to use his farmhouse for marriage. Aman says I will drop you to airport. Suhani congratulates to Nivedita. Nivedita asks her to take care. Nivedita apologizes to Pam. Pam says she is happy for her and says Dr. Aman is a very nice man. Nivedita asks her to give her apologies to Neil. Pam says Neil must have forgetton it and he will be happy knowing that you and Aman are getting married. Nivedita invites her for her wedding. Pam says she will definitely attend.

Later Ragini comes home and sees Aarav sitting. Asha Nani asks if she want to have tea. Ragini refuses. She asks Aarav to book gas, and asks him to be Badi Nani.
Jeweller comes to Ragini. Ragini asks Asha Nani to bring jewellery. She asks Aarav to take badi nani inside. Asha Nani brings the jewellery. Jeweller says he can give 3 Lakhs rupees against her jewellery. Ragini says she needs 7 Lakhs rupees. Jeweller says he can give 3.15 Lakhs. Sunny Tai gives her jewellery also. Ragini refuses to take her jewellery. Sunny Tai gets emotional and convinces Ragini. Jeweller says he can give 4.15 Lakhs only. Agent comes and apologizes to her for misbehaving with her. Ragini says it is okay and says your first installment is ready. Agent says your husband Neil have paid all the money. Ragini asks why did you take money from him. Agent says I came here to apologize to you and return you house papers. Ragini calls Neil, but his phone is switched off.

Ragini calls Sunny Tai and asks her to give water. Neil gives her water. Ragini thanks him and looks surprisingly. Tose Naina song plays………………….She reminiscences their marriage. They reminiscences their happy moments. Ragini gets up and asks did you come back. Neil says I came back after selling my everything. Ragini gets emotional and asks him not to go again leaving her. Agam comes and says he is very hungry. Suhani asks her to make her wear saree. Ranbir comes and asks for tea. Pam tells Ragini to handle her brother now. Kabhi Khushi song plays……..RK hugs Pam. Nishi hugs Neil.

 Neil says I was thinking to buy upstairs flat. Ragini says we will buy flat beside our flat. Neil says we need privacy. Suhani asks them to fight, but don’t get separated. Neil says lets take one family photo. The show ends on a happy union of Ragini and Neil. They pose for the family photo.
The show ended with Ragini and Neil’s happy

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