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Fearless Heart Update on Wednesday 28th June 2017

Sam and Willy display the care arrange for Luz to D8D. Clara goes to recover the infant yet comes saying that the child is no more. It’s only a secret, however. A medical attendant had taken the child out on the yard. The judge’s request gives D8D going to rights. Clara discloses to D8D that she is leaving, as well yet he reveals to her that in the event that she does, he will have Camilo slaughtered.

FF reveals to EV that despite the fact that he gives her costly stuff, she will never cherish him. We slice to Miggy swearing that FF will never cherish EV. EV reveals to FF that in the long run she will overlook Miggy. Miggy says that FF will always remember him and he swears that he will recover her.

JM will stow away in his home. He has a cheerful gathering with Violeta, Génesis and JC. He lets them know not to tell anybody that he is alive. Typically, this is not a smart thought. Little children dependably gab.

Gus is meandering around in the selva. Some folks who work for the Matamoros group discover him.

Angie informs JM regarding the seize endeavor on JC and how she executed one of the hijackers who was recognized by Duval as an individualfrom EV’s pack.

Sam and Willy discover a note from Nic saying that he has gone to discover Jéssica. They make sense of that some grown-up more likely than not helped him and they can think about who.

Miggy has been conveyed to witness EV’s wedding with FF. EV continues smiling and taking a gander at where Miggy is.

JM and Angie engage in sexual relations in their bed this time. JM needs to have plastic surgery on this scar yet Angie imagines that it is hazardous. At that point Angie finds the SM sex toys that Laura left there.

Gus is informed that his destiny will be chosen by Yvonne Matamoros.

After the common wedding administration, a minister begins a religious wedding administration. Miggy goes crazy and blasts into the room. EV cautions that on the off chance that she goes to Miggy, he will slaughter him. Miggy is dragged out.
Angie surmises that Laura left the SM stuff and inquires as to whether JM enjoyed utilizing it.

Sam and Willy discover D8D and Rotten Rod at the air terminal. D8D denies helping Nic to go to Colombia.

FF discloses to EV that it’s insufficient that he has her, he needs to make Miggy endure and mortify him. EV blames FF for embarrassing him.

Miggy is back in the prison. He has a similar old discussion with EV. Miggy: FF will never cherish you. EV: I will demonstrate to you the proof that we will be an upbeat family.

Sam is pressing to go to Colombia after Nic and Willy is attempting to persuade her that she can’t abandon her infants. Sam seems to concur that Willy ought to go.

FF goes to the cell to see Miggy. EV allows them to sit unbothered for 5 minutes. She calls EV Javier and afterward misleads Miggy and reveals to him that after the outing to Paris she found that EV was an unexpected individual in comparison to she thought and that he astonished “deslumbró” her. She needs to remain with EV. She says that they are distant from everyone else, nobody is driving her to state this and she asks his absolution. Poor Miggy looks like was hit by a truck.

EV has a photographic artist come in and take pictures of him and FF to be distributed in the papers so that everybody will realize that FF is El Verdugo’s better half. [So he will have a photo of himself recognized as El Verdugo distributed in the paper? Such a great amount for no one knowing who he is.]

New lowlife, Yvonne Matamoros, otherwise known as “la niña bonita” sends EV a wedding blessing – an imitation of the firearm that she will murder him with.

Miggy is reclaimed to his cell with Camilo. He enlightens Camilo concerning the wedding. He says that he isn’t sure whether to trust FF. He reveals to Camilo that he has questions and questions prompt loathe, which prompts a yearning for retribution.

D8D comes to see Angie. Angie inquires as to why he came and D8D says that he is sad that JM is dead. As I anticipated, Génesis keeps running in searching for her dad. Angie damages control proposing to D8D that Génesis can’t acknowledge that her dad is dead. JM is watching this. [Since EV realizes that JM is in LA, D8D probably knows this, as well. What is the purpose of experiencing this act with Angie?]

Sam approaches her infants to excuse her for going to Colombia to discover Nic.

EV conveys Nic to Jessica and they have an upbeat get-together.

Willy is prepared to leave to go to Colombia when he finds a note from Sam saying that she effectively left. Truth be told, she is at JM and Angie’s home searching for data on the circumstance in Colombia.

Camilo dreams about Clara and when he awakens, he reveals to Miggy that he has a “presentimiento” that she is in peril. For sure, Rotten Rod is attempting to assault her.

EV and FF are having a do over of the congregation wedding. A more dismal lady than FF you couldn’t discover. We continue slicing to Miggy battling with his questions: FF called EV, “Javier;” they were separated from everyone else and she didn’t give him any sign that she was lying; at her age, affections can change rapidly… At that point he and Camilo hear shots outside


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