Simple Maria update 22 April 2017

Juan Pablo sits his mum down and he tries recollecting her on all the harm Vasty has done to the family and how she went through hell to raise him up to this time all on her own with the unconditional help of Cristobal and right after Juan left, Vasty calls Maria to tell her that if she truly wants to see her dear Lupita again then she has to do exactly what she tells her and Maria goes nervous telling Vasty that she is going to do as she says but shouldn’t dare hurting Lupita as she did to her daughter because she knows she isn’t her sister and that her real name is Vanessa Rivapalacio who truly hate her very much and Vasty says she now can tell that her family already told her who she is and Maria wants her to confront her if she hates her that much and not try taking it on Lupita.
Vasty then asks her to go to a place she will show her but should make sure to be discreet and not tell anyone or the police about it because if she does, she will meet Lupita dead. So Maria goes to a place to meet her without telling anyone putting her family in great worry and search again for her.
There Vasty reveals everything and all her hatred for her because she stole her only brother who was also the love of her life from her and that is what caused her hatred for her and not only that for giving him a son and that son falling in love with her daughter and killing her. Also, she reveals how she made Estela lose her baby for meddling with her husband and she killed her father (Adolfo) and she is not done but will make sure to kill everyone those that she (Maria) loves so much. Vasty beats her up mercilessly and wants to kill her but before she reveals to her that her daughter isn’t dead and so Maria tries begging to let her show her where she can find her daughter but Vasty refuses to do that.
Her conscience wants her to kill Maria with gun as fast as possible but she prefers electrifying her instead to make her suffer and whiles doing so, Heriberto arrives to confront her for playing smart on him and betraying him and just like her he also doesn’t forgive those who turn their backs on her and in the heat of their argument, Vasty kills Heriberto and just when she gets closer to the electric power to finish Maria, she is able to escape the shock and runs off.
Maria arrives home and at the hospital, she reveals to them all that Vasty said to her and also her daughter being alive and not dead and the ask the police to try and arrest Vasty if not many will lose their lives.
The little boy Martin detects Vasty in a car whiles chatting with his taxi driver friend and she pleads with his friend to help him go after Vasty and the good Samaritan driver helps the boy and truly he is able to see Lupita in a basket. Vasty goes to the hospital Maria has been admitted thus the red cross to finish Maria but unfortunately, she wasn’t there because she was out talking with Martin who has already disclose to Maria where to find Lupita and so together with the police they go to get the baby and Sonia to give her statement since she insists that the child is hers. They take her to Pina and she looks so happy. In the same vein, right after the police left, Vasty arrives and a tenant tells her that the police came and took Sonia away for kidnapping a child and she becomes furious.
Tavo apologizes to Coral and promises to not do anything to hurt her again and so she forgives him and kisses him telling how much she also loves him.
Pina sees Maria with her child and she warns her to not touch her again without her permission and Maria wonders why Pina gets absurd anytime she holds her daughter but Juan Pablo calms her down and wants her to understand Pina since she is really fond of Lupita and wants to raise her as her as her own child but Maria says she is fond of that child because she sees her lost child in her eyes.
Maria remembers that she ones had a medallion like the one around Lucia’s neck and she wore it around her neck but gave it to her daughter to protect her and Alejandro tells her he gave it to her.
Pina wants Loreano and her to leave the house soon so Maria doesn’t get confused mistaking Lupita as her lost child but Loreano doesn’t agree. Looking so sad, he goes to the orphanage to see his good friend Martin and whiles chatting with him about the issue, Martin reveals to him that, Lupita came to the orphanage having a nice Medallion around her neck but mother superior took it off and kept it somewhere. Loreano prefers to speak with Mother Superior and after he goes to speak with Pina if she do remember Alejandro giving two identical Medallions to Maria and thus one for Lucia and the other for her unborn child but won it so it doesn’t get lost. Loreano then brings the two Medallion out from his pocket telling Pina who each one belongs too and Pina goes tearful and nervous.

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