Dr Wanda Evans-Brewer organises maiden Health-Fair at Lolonya, Greater Accra

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The first Health Fair in Lolonya took place on Saturday, November 2nd, an event organized by Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer and her G3 Tour team. She’s a reputable writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and academic at Concordia University Chicago who has responded massively to the ‘Year of Return’.

One hundred G3 Wellness Blessing Bags were given out to attendees at the Health Fair which took place at the Lolonya Basic School’s premises. There were Hepatitis B and HPV screenings as well as drugs dispensed to the people, making it a three-dimension solution to health challenges being faced by the mainly fishing, farming and sea salt harvesting community.

It was learned that before the G3 Tour team had arrived Lolonya, beneficiaries of the medical fair occupied the premises of the school, and they represented the aged, young and children in their hundreds looking forward to the program. In fact, a Dangme teacher at Lolonya Basic School, Mr. Dickson Dorgbeyevu who was screened and received a Hepatitis B vaccination, applauded the curator of the first Health Fair in Lolonya. He said: “it’s a nice program because we never had one in the history of Lolonya.”

Also in attendance is Chief Tata Shambo the traditional leader of Lolonya who was tested and dispensed drugs to. The Health Fair was organized primarily to bring quality healthcare to the people, provide medical screenings and vaccines or drugs to commonly ruinous diseases prevalent in the community. It was also was to create awareness in the areas of hygiene and public health of the people.

Another beneficiary of the Health Fair, Wilfred Daitey remarked that the event went well, and attendees were well-coordinated and behaved during and after the medical screenings. Veronica Abayatey who came to the Health Fair with her little daughter, felt happy because she tested negative to Hepatitis B, and received a vaccination to prevent her from contracting the disease. Such medical fairs are desperately needed in Ghana so that people could live longer, healthier and stronger as people living in rural enclaves barely give attention to their health and well-being. The event has come in at the right time, and such organizations deserved commendation for their humanitarian efforts in helping people prevent, and tackle medical related problems.

It’s also true that Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer has done a lot for Lolonya. On the 28th of October, 2019 she donated 10 Kindle Tablets, $100, robotics kits, and launched the first Afrocentric Mini Library to the Lolonya Basic School. The G3 Tour is a humanitarian response to Africa and her peoples, communities, and especially, the youth, women, and the girl-child. It was also learned that those attendees who received the first Hepatitis B vaccination will get the second dose, soon and at the same venue. All courtesy of Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer and the G3 Tour. So, the information will be communicated appropriately.

Thank you Dr Wanda Evans-Brewer and the entire team for such an awesome service to the Lolonya community.

Source: flyfmonline.com

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