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Woman ‘with 11 husbands’ stoned to death

A woman has been stoned to death in Somalia after a court run by al-Shabab convicted her of having several husbands, the militant group says. Shukri Abdullahi Warsame was accused of marrying 11 times, without divorcing her previous husbands. She was buried neck-deep and pelted to death with stones by al-Shabab fighters, say residents of the southern Sablale town. Al-Shabab ...

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Spy poisoning: Russia accuses US of ‘expulsion blackmail’

Russia has accused Washington of pressuring nations to carry out a mass expulsion of its diplomats in response to a nerve agent attack in the UK. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the US of “colossal blackmail” and said there were “few independent countries” left in modern Europe. The expulsion of about 100 Russians by more than 20 nations is thought ...

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Shocking news: Catholic bishop arrested for diverting tithes, offerings

Brazilian police have arrested the Catholic Bishop of Formosa, Jose Ribeiro, on allegations that he stole about 2 million reais ($608,000) from church coffers, along with other Catholic clergymen. On Monday, a police raid on one of the priests’ home saw officers prise open a false wall in to find some £19,200 in plastic bags hidden in a secret storage ...

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Zuma to fight back on corruption charges

Lawyers representing South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma have said they will challenge the state prosecutor’s decision to charge him with corruption, reports IOL news site. Mr Zuma was issued with court summons in connection with a multi-billion dollar arms deal yesterday. The news site quotes Mr Zuma’s lawyer Michael Hulley as saying “we are preparing an application to review ...

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